The following is a list of known computer software developed specifically for backflow prevention program record - maintenance. Information about the programs has been supplied either from the company or organization themselves or via advertisements and does not represent endorsement.

  Ambitec -CheckMate Se and CheckMate Plus MACTEC - Water Tool™
  AquaAdvantage - Online Backflow Tracking Program SEMS - Backflow Devices
  ArchonSafe - Management Services Strawberry Technology, Inc. - Safewater Software & Services
  BAT Database - Backflow Records for the Tester Team Technology - Backflow Pro
  BMI Backflow Management - Cross-Track 4.0 Tokay Software - Backflow Prevention Navigator
  BPMS - Backflow Prevention Management Software Viking II - FileMaker
  BSI Online - Backflow Prevention XC2® Software Solutions - XC 2® Backflow Prevention Software
  FormLink Systems, Inc - Software for Compliance Safe Water Commission, LLC - Backflow Prevention Solutions

AquAdvantage - Online Backflow Tracking Program

  • Only $30 per month provides a complete backflow tracking program
  • No need for additional staff, software, etc...we do it all!
  • This is a "Green" web-based program using electronic communication
  • Easy to use, tester-friendly and very budget-friendly
  • A bright light into the future of backflow prevention tracking!


Aqua Backflow, Inc
977 Elizabeth Street
Elgin, IL 60120
Phone: (866) 777-2124
Fax: (866) 777-2125
Ambitec - Backflow Prevention Software

For over a decade, AmbiTec has provided quality cross-connection control management software to commercial, municipal, government and private tester clients. AmbiTec has the experience, resources and capabilities that water professionals, facility managers and government officials have come to rely on.

We are a company that has been involved in assisting large municipalities and government installations in developing complete cross connection management programs, conducting facility surveys and testing backflow prevention devices.

CheckMate is a user-friendly, Windows-based family of applications that greatly enhance the data management, organization and presentation of any backflow prevention program. We have made great efforts to maximize the flexibility, ease of use and speed of all our CheckMate products. Highlights of the software include complete tracking of backflow prevention assemblies, test kits and testers, complete test history tracking, and comprehensive reporting abilities.

About The Programs:

CheckMate Plus© is specifically tailored for public water utilities, large municipalities, large manufacturing plants and government installations. This version includes all the features of CheckMate SE© and other advanced features such as:
  • Facility & Assembly Information Tracking
  • Hazard Identification
  • Tracking Of All Protection Devices (Testable & Non- Testable)
  • Tracking Of All Facility Water Uses/Cross Connections
  • Devices By Status Reports
  • Tracking Of Test Kits
  • Editable Facility Notices (3)
  • Business Logo Added To All Reports
Software customization is available to completely meet your business needs.

CheckMate SE© is designed for small municipalities, plumbers, testers and contractors. This version tracks testable assemblies and offers:
  • Facility & Assembly Information Tracking
  • Facility Test Schedules
  • Upcoming / Delinquent Tests
  • Tester Listings
  • Editable Facility Notices
  • Facility Work Orders
  • Inventory Reports
  • Contact Lists


718 Central Avenue SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505.244.8343
Fax: 505.765.9006

ArchonSafe, LLC
ArchonSafe Management Services

About The Program:  

At NO COST to the Water Utility, ArchonSafe management services allow water utilities to effectively comply with current regulations by managing the Cross Connection Control Program, providing a seamless working relationship between the Water Utility, Utility Customers, Backflow Inspectors and ArchonSafe.

The comprehensive mobile and web-based report submission is uniquely designed to meet customer’s specific requirements and ensure annual, accurate testing of backflow management devices. The ArchonSafe app and online portal eliminate paperwork from the entire process. Backflow testers will be able to download a free mobile app for both Apple and Android devices, enabling them to submit reports in the field, versus waiting to mail in a paper form.

Key Benefits

  • Free Mobile App for testers
  • Stay compliant with backflow testing regulations
  • Automated email sent to the customer and/or home office at time of submission
  • Historical data stored on the cloud so previously submitted tests can be easily recalled
  • Pass/Fail criteria is automatically determined by the program
  • Customers can easily look up a device’s expiration date
  • Mailing of reminder letters to customers

Backflow testers and utility customers have the ability to instantly review the status of submitted backflow test reports just by visiting the ArchonSafe website. While using a mobile device or PC, testers can easily enter the serial number of the backflow device, displaying the next test date and determine whether the device passed or failed during submission.


ArchonSafe, LLCbr> 1075 Broadripple Ave Suite 347
Indianapolis, IN

Phone: 1-(800) 288-5969 (Toll Free)
Fax: (713) 981-4989

BMI Backflow Management - Cross-Track 4.0

About The Program:

Cross-Track 4.0, BMI's cross connection control software package just got better. It's more powerful, has more features and is easier to use. Building on the strong and stable foundation of Version 2, we took our easy to use interface and reliable database and combined them with powerful new features. Many of the ideas for these enhancements came from users in the field like yourself; experience and expertise make a better product. Click here for an Online Demo.

Cross-Track 4.0 contains the following new features:

  • A Warning Notices sub-menu now gives you two options for printing letters, this allows more automated control over your CCC program
  • An assembly serial number search field has been placed on the customer screen
  • Test status report added to the Report menu
  • Assembly/Test Count report added for annual and semiannual reports
  • More options for printing labels
  • Powerful find functions that allow you to find customers and assemblies easily
  • Automated functions that reduce CCC workload
  • A Daily status screen keeps your program on track by ensuring that tasks are done on time
  • Reformatted reports are easier to read

Cross-Track 4.0 is designed to monitor your entire program. It is a user-friendly system unlike anything currently available on the market. With a minimum of training, your system personnel can run this Windows-driven program. It was designed by cross connection control experts, people who know backflow. This practical experience, combined with excellent software design, produced the most innovative and comprehensive product on the market.

With Cross-Track 4.0 you can:

  • Track all information on each backflow assembly
  • Send letters to customers to notify of annual testing requirements
  • Run reports for required state regulations Monitor and inspect system for possible cross connections
  • Schedule all site inspections
  • Ensure backflow assembly installations
  • Schedule all backflow assembly tests and inspections
  • Constantly monitor program compliance
  • Track all backflow testers in your system


17752 NE San Rafael Street
Portland, Oregon 97230

Phone: 1-800-841-7689

BPMS Software

BPMS Software is leading provider of backflow prevention management solutions that are used to automate a wide range of manual processes - increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving customer service

About The Programs:

Administrator 5

The Administrator version is a product used by cities, water agencies, and utility companies to administer their cross-connection control program. It maintains a computerized system that follows customers with testable backflow prevention assemblies that have their assemblies tested annually or as required.

The compliance tracking is done using our Reminder feature which makes it easier to send notification letters and follow up letters to customers. It also allows you to include, with each letter, a test report form for each assembly due for testing. Each test report can include information about the assembly, such as service address, make, model, size, and location.

For our Washington state customers, the Administrator edition also has a number of reports that will make it easier to complete your cross-connection control activities annual summary report as requested by the Washington state Division of Drinking Water of the Department of Health (DOH).

  • Compliance tracking and annual reports
  • Survey/Inspection module
  • Reminder system for customer letters/survey forms
  • Free training session(s) for one designated user
  • Technical support for one (1) year including any program updates.
BPMS Tester 5

The Tester version is primarily used by companies who test backflow assemblies. It is not intended to enforce compliance, though it does also have a reminder feature to send notification letters to customers, both active and potential.

  • Complete inventory of customers, facilities and devices
  • Printable test report forms linked to the BPMS database
  • Customizable letters
  • Reminder system for customer letters and test reports
  • Free training session(s) for one designated user
  • Technical support for one year and program updates
BPMS Software Support Plan

• Free updates/upgrades. BPMS will notify its customers of major upgrades as well as important interim service releases. The notice will include a summary of new features and bug fixes.
• Unlimited technical support (toll free for North American customers). We offer on- screen assistance while we are on the phone with you. Using this system we can get our customers to look at our screen while we train them or later on we can look at customer's screen while we troubleshoot the possible problem. For more information please call our support team using tool free no. 1-877-250-2698
• Training sessions for one user per year (for the first 3 months of the support plan)


BPMS Software
4060 Irmin Street
Burnaby, B.C.
Canada V5J 1X4

  US & Canada: (877) 250-2698 (toll free)
International: 604-419-1830

Custom Databases & Dataentry - Backflow Prevention +

About The Program:

Backflow Prevention + is the up and coming backflow data management program designed to get your data organized, presentable, and polished. Our easy to use format is ideal for the novice or experienced computer user.

System Requirements:

Pentium PC minimum 75 MHZ
16 Mb RAM
Windows 95,98, or NT
Microsoft Access

Technical Support:

We offer 24 hour technical support, quick call back, free upgrades, and on-line support.
Annual maintenance plans also available.


Custom Databases and Dataentry
5338 S. Chariton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90056

Phone: 310/ 650-4062
BSI Online - Backflow Tracking Program

  • BSI Online is the most effective and efficient way to track the backflow assemblies within your municipality.
  • LOW COST - BSI Online is available for only a $495.00 annual subscription
  • NO HASSLE - BSI Online requires no municipal personnel to operate
  • EXPERT TRACKING - BSI Online provides state-of-the-art tracking in real time


Backflow Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 246
Worth, IL 60482
Phone: 800-414-4990
Info: Info
BAT Database - Backflow Records for the Tester

About The Program:

BAT Database was designed and developed for BATs ("Just For BATs"). The components of the database are structured to assist the Backflow Assembly Tester in completing his or her document preparation in the most expeditious manner possible.

- Multiple BAT support - information including signatures, BAT certifications, test kit calibration dates and other required BAT information is captured for imbedding in the backflow test reports. This allows the same BAT Database to be shared by a number of testers.

- Intuitive data entry forms for customer, assembly, and test results data. Auto-complete fields, smart pick list fields, form and field validations and help files improve the speed and quality of the data entry process. An ever present "Icon Ribbon" provides convenient access to all of the main features of the system.

- Backflow Assembly Test Reports - test reports are uniquely created based on a specification in the water district form. Peliminary reports may be printed, and completed reports may be printed and/or e-mailed (PDF format with signature affixed).

- Schedule - all tests flow through the schedule and a summary of each test is displayed which indicates its current processing status. The schedule contains convenient hyperlinks for each test that provide links to the customer, assembly, and test data forms. Daily, weekly, or monthly test schedules may be printed from the Schedule.

- Test Tracker - when backflow tests are completed they are moved from the Schedule to the Test Tracker. Within the Test Tracker there are several printing and e-mailing options available. With the single click of a button a flexible e-mail generator segregates and distibutes PDF reports to all of the relative water purveyors.

- Invoicing - includes invoice printing, tax calculations, parts inventory interface, and invoice history. An invoices due report provides ageing and total amount due information.

- Inventory - includes forms for capturing the details of purchase and sale transactions.

- Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) - this is commonly known as a Tickler File. As the next scheduled test(s) nears for any customer enrolled in the AMP program a notification is placed in the AMP display. Based on the customer's preference they are notified by phone, e-mail, or automatically marked for placement into the testing schedule.

- Water District - this form provides for the entry of water purveyor contact information, e-mail addresses, fax phone numbers, and unique custom options. Also the annually required water purveyor documents may be tracked with this form.


Jack Allenfort (425) 445-5645
Fax: (425) 968-2584

XC2 Software, LLC   - XC 2® (X-Connection Control)

XC2 Software - Working with you to provide clean, safe drinking water!

Providing Administrative Software, Consulting, Training and Support:

  • Backflow Prevention
  • FOG/Grease Trap Management
  • Hydrant Testing/Flushing
  • Valve Exercising
  • Meter Testing & Maintenance
  • Digital Images - Site Maps
  • Link to CIS/Billing Systems/GIS
  • Reclaimed Water Management
  • Fire System/Sprinkler Inspections
  • Lift/Pump Station Maintenance
  • Work Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Remote Data Entry/Synchronization
  • Link to MapPoint®/MapQuest®
XC2 Software's dedication to both product quality and customer service has made it a proven leader in software development for water/wastewater utilities.

True Water/Wastewater Industry Specific Software: Maintaining and operating specific equipment and assets to deliver water to homes, commercial establishments, and industrial complexes is quite different from maintaining buildings, plants or other facilities

Developing an effective and flexible database, establishing critical notifications and shutoffs, cross-referencing service connections, meters, backflow prevention assemblies, hydrants, valves, grease traps, and monitoring periodic test results, must all be captured and stored over the life of the equipment/device — over multiple decades or longer.

Let XC2® Software help you identify and inventory your valves, hydrants, meters, services, grease interceptors and backflow prevention assemblies, to allow you to automatically send timely notices, track test and inspection results and to allow your other applications, like Customer Information/Billing Systems, and GIS to effectively communicate and share information with XC2 Software.

XC2® Software: Meeting Your Specific Challenges: XC2® Water distribution/collection software was designed specifically to help you handle the unique challenges of maintaining a water distribution/wastewater network. These include backflow prevention progam management, valve and flushing exercise programs, commercial meter testing and maintenance schedules, reclaim/recycle water programs, hydrant flow testing, FOG/Grease Interceptor programs, water quality programs and more.

The XC2® Software suite gives you the ability to record and track inspection results, work histories, customer information and responses and much more. The XC2 suite allows specific tracking of various test results, testing and waste hauler permits, flow test graphs, compliance reports and above all: ease of use for all users!

XC2® Software offers a full, inter-departmental Water Quality, Distribution and Collection software suite:

XC2® Software Solutions has been providing XC2® Backflow Prevention Software, as an off-the-shelf commercial software product to water purveyors nationwide since 1997. Our customers include hundreds large and small water purveyors, cities, counties, government agencies, institutions and industries across the United States and Canada.

XC2® Software has enjoyed successful rapid growth not only because of its software, but also because of its employees' continuous commitment to customer service, from development to sales to technical support. XC2® Software understands that all people appreciate user-friendly solutions that never compromise quality and reliability. The company aims to deliver to every end-user the ultimate "out-of-the-box" experience.


XC2 Software, LLC  
122 Taylor Drive
Fairfax, CA 94930

Phone: 800-761-4999

Systems & Software, Inc. - MUPS® System

About The Program:

The MUPS® System Cross-Connection/Backflow Management module provides a method of controlling back flow device monitoring to prevent the contamination of the water supply. The module integrates with word processing and automatically generates letters based on an anniversary calculation and user defined inspection periods.


Systems & Software, Inc.
Griswold Industrial Park
46 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05495

Phone: 802-863-5569

Strawberry Technolgy, Inc.
Safewater Software and Services

About The Program:  

Safewater Enterprise is our new CCC solution that is designed to reduce the cost of CCC program management. The new features of this product are only offered by Strawberry Technology, Inc. They Include:

  • backflow test report submission online via the Internet
  • automatic grading and approval of test reports
  • validation of test report input for quality control
  • database auditing for accurate information maintenance
  • built in messaging for communication with testers
  • automatic response to tester inquires via message library
  • automatic acceptance or rejection of test report submission.

These new features can reduce the cost of CCC management by more than 40% by reducing or eliminating:

  • printing, postage and mailing of test reports
  • delays in responses to testers
  • errors in test report filings
  • manual data input
  • improving the quality of database information
  • eliminating the need to manually review every test reports
  • user validation via secure login and SSL
  • automatic alert of credentials expiration


Strawberry Technology, Inc.
3730 Kirby Drive Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (877) 580-5700 (Toll Free)
Fax: (713) 981-4989

SEMS Technologies- CCC/Backflow Prevention

About The Program:

  • Letter reminders and tracking
  • Test reminders
  • Certified Tester Database
  • Sample Report

SEMS Technologies LLC
3325 Paddocks Parkway Suite 360
Suwanee, GA 30024
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862
Phone: 678-845-0243
Toll free: 866-758-6582
Fax: 678-455-0034

FormLink Systems, Inc.
Software for Compliance

FormLink’s Palladium product is an easy-to-use, flexible application capable of managing form submission for all systems requiring routine safety inspection and maintenance. Since the cost of Palladium can be collected per form submission, municipalities can receive the benefits of form automation without impacting their limited budgets.

Our web-based system can be accessed from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Our touch friendly user interface offers unparalleled ease of use when you are on the go.

With backflow forms implemented in our powerful tracking system, we can elevate your cross-connection control program to a new level.

  • Compliance at a glance from our customized dashboard
  • Accurate tracking of backflow assemblies by location and property use
  • Notification of upcoming and overdue inspections
  • Track violations as soon as a form is submitted by an inspection company
  • Configurable inspection frequencies and form requirements

Simplify your work day and and increase your efficiency with our computerized process.

  • Eliminate illegible forms, transciption errors, and redundancy
  • Spend time enforcing compliance instead of transcribing forms into databases or spreadsheets
  • Ensure your data is safe and secure on our redundant servers with high-availability Internet
  • Avoid costly software upgrades
  • Eliminate file cabinets of forms by going green

Contact us today to bring the power of Palladium to your community today!

Form Link Systems

Phone: 317-735-3345
Fax: 317-735-3342

Safe Water Commission, LLC
Backflow Prevention Solutions

About The Program:  

Safe Water Commission provides a variety of solutions designed to assist municipalities with managing their backflow prevention program to meet compliance requirements. From fully-managed backflow prevention programs that outsource all backflow prevention activities to Safe Water Commission down to simply using our web-based Backflow Prevention Software, Safe Water Commission solves backflow prevention challenges.

Cities and backflow testers/rebuilders will welcome the city and tester web-based software portals that provide access to a variety features including:

  • Online tester validation and registration
  • Tester test device calibration tracking
  • Tester certification expiration enforcement
  • Device/Assembly inventories with GIS mapping available as an option
  • Property owner tracking
  • Online test submission
  • Test status reporting
    • Full details of test results
    • Compliance of device testing and nearing completion details
    • Device type details
  • Property owner device lookup
  • Help Desk module for submitting tickets
  • Knowledge Base
  • Document repository

Cities can leverage the city portal software to effectively manage their backflow prevention program to ensure drinking water is protected.

Safe Water Commission LLC
490 Villaume Ave., Suite 900
South Saint Paul, MN 55075

Phone: 1-(651) 319-9911

Tokay Software

Tokay Software has been publishing dedicated backflow administration software since 1986 and is considered the leader in the industry. Tokay's 100% Microsoft applications are designed to intelligently manage Cross-Connection Control programs efficiently and effectively. Tokay's over 4,000 users nationwide and abroad enjoy the most user-friendly, comprehensive Backflow Prevention software in the industry.

Products and Services:
The perfect security solution: TokaySQL is a technically powerful application developed to meet the needs of both the backflow program administrators and the information technology department. TokaySQL is a Microsoft.Net application with a Microsoft SQL database.

Tokay Web Test
The perfect time solution: Tokay hosts your web test entry site - eliminating the need for in-house IT support and labor intensive data entry. Utility approved testers enter their test results, on-line, in the field. Results are uploaded to the utility nightly. Approved tests are entered into your software and new test due dates are scheduled.

Link to Water Records
The perfect data solution: Tokay can integrate your backflow records with your water records. You will know where all the water is going and you will know how your customers are using the water. You will know when the building is vacant and your mailing addresses will always be current and correct.

Comprehensive State and Summary Reporting
Tokay Software comes loaded with 50 standard summary reports including all state required reports with a seamless link to Excel or Crystal Reports. When there are changes made on the state level to reporting requirements, Tokay?s Engineers make the modifications necessary and delivers them to our customers via a download from the Tokay Website.

Tokay Support:
Tokay has software engineers, certified backflow testers, support personnel and certified teachers on staff. We provide our user base with the best technical support and training in the industry. Our commitment to our users is unparalleled. We provide you with all of the tools necessary to make your program as successful as possible.

Tokay Memberships:
American Backflow Prevention Association
American Water Works Association
New England Water Works Association
Rhode Island Chapter for the ABPA

Pricing / Demonstrations of Products:
Contact Customer Service at 800-865-2965 / to receive a targeted pricing quote based on your unique backflow program requirements.

Contact Information:
Office: 800-865-2965
Fax: 800-414-8459

Team Technology, Inc. - Backflow Pro

About The Program:

In January 2003 most states will require all municipalities to have a cross connection control program in place.

TEAM's Backflow Pro software system helps to manage this process and provides the utilization of special features and functions:

  • Easily captures existing assembly and customer information, shortening the implementation process
  • Synchronizes premises and property owner information with the click of a button
  • Automatically generates customer notification and retest letters
  • Built using Microsoft's SQL Server database, which makes report writing a snap
  • Our intuitive graphical user interface makes learning to use Backflow Pro extra easy

Technical Support and Training:

Always available to our clients.


Contact our office to find our more about the latest cost-effective backflow prevention software and find out how you can view BackFlow Pro.
Let us set up a demonstration for you today!


Team Technology Inc.
632 Matthews-Mint Hill Road
Matthews, NC 28105

Phone: 704-849-0266
Fax: 704-814-9535 E-mail:
Viking II - FileMaker

About The Program:

Cross-Connection Control Inspections / Surveys Water utilities and facility managers needed to track water uses within a building, or groups of buildings, for plumbing code compliance and water conservation measures. The database solution also tracks service connections to the main water distribution system. Reports are generated by building, groups of buildings, water use, compliance, and date of inspection. This solution meets regulatory requirements.

Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Water utilities, facilities, and private sector contractors needed to track backflow prevention assemblies installed within a building, or groups of buildings. The database solution tracks initial and annual test dates as well as repairs, replacements, past due testing. Also tracks assemblies installed at the main water distribution system. Generate reports by serial number, type of assembly, size, manufacturer, applicability with codes and regulations, and by test date. Also generates certified test reports. This solution meets regulatory requirements.


Phone: (505) 975-2321
Fax: (505) 883-3218
MACTEC Federal Programs, Inc.

WaterTool™ Software

Free software is now available to help Department of Defense installations manage backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs.

About The Program:

About The Program:

MACTEC’s advanced management and analysis software, WaterTool, helps DOD installations maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. WaterTool is currently being applied at 16 DOD installations nationwide. Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Free to DOD users
  • Saves time and money
  • Simplifies data updates and management
  • Preloaded with all required USAF reports
    (other reports easily developed)
Reduce Your Data Entry Time and Cost

WaterTool eliminates the need for paper forms by allowing users to input data using a Personal Digital Assistant or Pocket PC, and periodically synchronize the data with a desktop- or server-housed database. This eliminates the time, cost, inefficiency, and inaccuracy often associated with paper-based data gathering.

Simplify Your Data Updates

MACTEC can deliver WaterTool preloaded with your data so surveys and testing activities are merely an update of existing data—not reentry of the same data from paper forms. This process simplifies initial data setup as well as future updates, saving you time and money.

Manage and Report Your Data

WaterTool manages survey and testing information for thousands of buildings on multiple installations. The database runs on any Windows-based PC, contains detailed information and test results for each device, and allows for comprehensive, integrated analyses of all results. When it’s time to report your data, WaterTool allows you to print all required US Air Force reports, and other reports can easily be developed as well.


MACTEC Federal Programs, Inc.
5001 South Miami Boulevard, Suite 300
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Phone: (919) 941-0333
Fax: (919) 941-0234

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